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About Me

I am born and raised Canberran, Living on the South side all of my life. I now raise my beautiful family with my Husband in Tuggeranong. 

My Own Wedding was the start to this amazing journey into

Makeup and Beauty.

After getting married, I look back on my wedding photo's and the makeup I had that day I think 'Why did she make me look like that?"

I think I was blissfully unaware of what 'look' I wanted and what would flatter my face. I felt she was the professional and must know what she is doing... How wrong I was.

There was little consultation and after me briefly saying 'I'm not sure' I was made up and out the door... harsh lines, stark colours and all.

Felicity McLachlan

Makeup is an Art form and whilst you can know the theory and be qualified to apply it, it takes much more than that to be good at what you do.

Since then I have been learning and training and leaning some more, this New Interest sparked an Old Interest in the world of beauty.

I realised in the many years of being a Mother I was yet to find a suitable place I could take my children and feel comfortable whilst having 'The Essentials' done and how long it had been since I could enjoy some Not-so-essentials.

It occurred to me that everyone is busy these days and whether it be children, work or both not everyone wants to spend their lunch hour or precious free time waiting at the salon.

I started my Mobile Salon so that everyone had time to have the essentials (and occasionally the not-so-essentials)

I strongly believe that Nail Polish makes me Happy.

I can have the worst day in the wold but with a little colour on my toes everything seems better. I have adopted this principal in my work. I would like to think that even if the house is a mess, the kids are crazy or everything at work went wrong, at the end of the day if we can tidy up your brows, give you a healthy glow or paint the brightest of colours on your fingers... You will be all the more ready to face the next day and maybe even with a smile.

I have carefully chosen the treatments I offer and products used for both their amazing quality and their minimal impact on your home environment. Often there are other people home (hubby, grandma or the kids) and their comfort needs to be considered as well. In most cases I can be in and out without disturbing the rest of your household or leaving mess and dreaded chemical smells associated with some salons.

I have trained with The Canberra Makeup Academy and The Australasian Beauty Therapy Academy In Canberra as well as achieving further accreditation through several private product training courses.


  • Certificate II in Makeup
  • Qualified Graft-A-Lash Eyelash Extension Consultant
  • Certified in Lash and Brow Treatments
  • Certified in Waxing Treatments including Intimate Waxing Services
  • Certified Spray Tanner
  • Qualified Bio Sculpture Nail Technician

I am Licensed through ACT Health and fully Insured as a Mobile Therapist and Makeup Artist.

I am a mum of 5 beautiful kids, Yours will not bother me!!

However for their own safety it is imperative during some treatments that someone else is in the home to care for them during your treatment.

I hold a valid Working with Vulnerable People Card, meaning I have had all the necessary police checks to be allowed to work with vulnerable people within our community.

This includes children, elderly and people with a disability.

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